“Jeff Wolf and 4 Seasons did a fabulous job for us. Not only did they give us a good fair price, the workmanship was excellent. The guys doing the installation worked hard and were nothing but professional. We were so pleased with their work that when we moved to a new house, we had them put a new heater in and for the first time our “new” 70 year old house was warm!!! My mother and mother-in-law also used them as well and have been very pleased.

“Even later, a year later, they provided great service when we needed filters! I highly recommend them, and in these days where a lot of businesses and trades have poor quality and little integrity in their work, 4 Seasons stands out as excellent and will not let you down.”

Jeff Hodges

“Jeff of 4 Seasons came out and was by far the MOST knowledgeable and professional of all the companies that came out. Although all the other experts and champions had told me I should have a new return duct installed upstairs (to make zoning more efficient), they would NOT detail how they would do it, or the cost, until AFTER they got the job – and I was on the hook.

“Jeff, on the other hand figured out the best way to do it with the least amount of demo work, and the next day sent me a quote for equipment that was much more efficient than the other companies had quoted, AND his quote ( including the new return duct and a 2nd supply duct to one other bedroom) was lower than any of the other companies!!

“They came when they promised they would, they worked their tails off and every step of the way, they continuously cleaned up the house and garage of all debris, insulation, etc. The job was quoted to be 2.5 days, but it took a full three days to get all the work done.

“When they left I had a FANTASTIC system – going from a 70% efficient furnace to a 98% variable speed, and a 10SEER AC unit changed to an 18SEER 2 stage compressor. Fully programmable, color thermostats for both zones, a controller in the garage, and a system that barely makes any noise at all. We stood at the compressor talking in normal voices while it was running on the full / 2nd stage. No “outside” noise at all in the house.

“Our house is now cool – without the clammy feeling we were getting in the past = found out that although the old AC was cooling the house pretty well, it was not removing the humidity as much as it should have. Now we have more comfort, without the cold, clammy feeling.

“My neighbor is now trying to convince his wife to do the same – and of course to use 4 Seasons. 4 Seasons gets my HIGHEST recommendations!”

Alex Dourov